"Her Poppy started from my own journey towards wellness after my father passed from pancreatic cancer; I started tuning into my own body for the first time. I have always dealt with intense menstrual pain and took it for granted that most women quietly suffer through 25% of every month. I spent years putting all sorts of period medications into my body, most of which had side effects or didn’t work for me, and I didn’t feel like there was any effective and safe product on the market for people like me. Her Poppy was created to provide women with products that actually work – while nourishing their bodies with natural ingredients. Our first product is a Cramp Relieving, Mood Balancing body oil to give women relief from PMS & period symptoms. We deserve better, and Her Poppy represents that. Her Poppy is on a mission to empower women by developing natural, effective products to help you feel good all month long." 

Lauren A. Gregory Founder of Her Poppy



Our mission is to change the way women think about and experience their periods. We believe women shouldn’t be held back, embarrassed or suffer during their menstrual cycles. Regardless of what day of the month it is, you should feel good about the products you use both in and on your body.

Her Poppy offers solutions to help maintain a healthy hormonal balance, and significantly reduce PMS & period symptoms like cramping and bloating – made from organic and clean ingredients. Bonus - the smell will have you applying it all month long. Experience relief from PMS and period cramping & bloating, while boosting your mood with this fresh scent. Made from jojoba oil and our signature essential oil blend to soothe, relieve, & keep you going.